Monday, November 25, 2013


It's been a great week down here... and yes I realize I say that entirely too much :) but it's true

The miracles continue to roll in as I get closer and closer to the end of my mission. I simply cannot express the true joy that fills me as I see the Gospel change peoples' lives. I love it.

Chiefly among those changes is the testimony I have seen change within myself. Above all, I know that god lives, and that he loves us. And that alone gives me strength to continually push forward.

Especially when I have to go through WEATHER LIKE THIS:

Mind you, this video hardly does a justice on this storm. I honestly though for a while that it may or may not have been the second coming. Our power was off and on. The thunder and lightning was killer. I feared for my life like the disciples on the boat, "oh me of little faith". So alas. Call me a doubting thomas, but I was scared!! yet here I am, a few days later, alive and well, still out knocking door to door, just searching for those who are waiting for the gospel :)

Could you imagine a life any better than that?
I surely can't.

Anyways though. Check out this picture of this good looking zone:

Doesn't get much better than that. I love these guys. Long live the Katy Zone.

The church is true. I love my mission.
Pray for miracles. You will find them :)

Have an incredible week

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 91 - Transfers comes again.

Hey sorry it's short, We have to run to Houston to pick up a brand new greenie missionary coming to join us as a TRIO COMPANIONSHIP. which I have mixed feelings about.. We'll see how it goes!

Love you guys! We're having a baby! (new missionary)

Expect pictures, videos, and letters soon!

It has been another week of miracles!

Have an incredible day and week!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 90 - Lots of Pics. It's been a GREAT week!

It's been another incredible week down here. Lots of pictures and videos to show :)

Elder Hunter has a thing for me. 
Elder WHITNEY And some classy guy having a good time.
The new guy Elder Satele, straight from Samoa, And some classy guy having a good time.
Elder Larsen the Great. And some classy guy having a good time.
My companion Elder Cloward. And some classy guy having a good time.

Elder Hilton. YUM. And some classy guy having a good time.
Elder Syme. The greatest of all basketball players in all of Houston Texas. PS I LOOK absolutely ripped in this picture. I approve.
Just Rolling in the Soccer Mom Van. Buckle up kids!
Sisters Koerner and Fletcher. Good times!
Me and the legendary Elder Stepp. I freaking love that guy! Don't we look angelic??

Me and Elder Whitney back together as Zone leader companions for the Katy Zone! Couldn't think of any other better way to end my mission than as ZL comps with my daddy!
Picture of us on our way to MLC with the sister training leaders and the other zone leaders. Of course, me is the driving seat of our sweet 2014 Black Dodge Caravan. aka Soccer Mom Van... Everyone just calls me Mom since I'm the driver.

Doing some service. JUST PULLING THOSE WEEDS!!!

The Church is true. I love my mission!

Also here are a few enjoyable videos from my experiences this week!

Hope you all had as good of a week as I did. I love you guys! Thank you so much for everything. Keep on the keeping on! Miracles will  come. Regardless of where, who, or what.
Have an incredible week!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 89 - Of this I testify

Well. I hate to do this to you mom, I know you hate when I only do a one paragrapher, but alas it just has to be :) I hope you'll forgive.

Just know that I am happy, that I love life. The Gospel is true. Miracles happen. People change. Blessings DO come, though almost always in time. Hearts heal, though it's the pain that makes that appreciated. Earnest prayer brings answers. Forgiveness is key. The atonement is real. Happiness is a choice, and one we have to remake every day. Families are forever. Sacrifice brings reward, though only when in harmony with true principles of the gospel. Sorrow is necessary, but is only godly when it leads to repentance. Jesus is the Christ. the Savior. The Redeemer of the world. "There is no other name by which we can be saved in the kingdom of God." The lost are found, but only when the found do their job. We have divine potential; and we begin to reach it, the more we realize it.

I love the gospel :)
It has made me the happiest.

Of this I testify.

-Elder Leavitt

I Love you all!