Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 59 - Long Live COLLEGE STATION

So yes, I have finally been transferred out of college station! wooooooooo.
I now am in the Spring/Klein Oak area of the north houston zone. It's incredibly different than where i was before. I am just right down the street from the temple, president pingree, mission office etc... I guess they figured they needed to put me under close supervision after leaving me out in the boonies for the first 13 months of my mission :) Anyway though.. They transferred me out of bryan right before the baptisms of three investigators that I found and taught, so that was kind of annoying, but whatever. I love it. The mission is incredible.
Here is a ton of pictures and a song that me and the polynesian elders made a weeks ago. Mind you it's not great, the uke/guitar/singing was impromtu, but it was alot of fun to make last p day.
1. Kyle and Erna's baptism
2-3 delcious cake that sister mitchell made for the baptism! look at that thing
4-5. Kyle and Erna (she is from latvia!)
6. Ricks family (they flippin loved me)
7-9 last day in brenham, service at the magbys. It was alot of fun
10 final goodbye to johnny one leg, and his son little johnny.
11-12 Goodbye pictures at transfers
12-14 dinner with the nichols before leaving bryan
Anyway. The church is true. Hope ya'll have a great week. I'll be enjoying the new experience of being in Houston North Zone!

Long Live College Station


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