Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 61 - April Fool's

This week has been incredible. I love and have loved my mission so much. I have seen so many miracles as the Gospel changes people's lives. I have a testimony that will not ever be shook!
The church is true. I will never forget it.
Unfortunately though, this week has taken a serious turn that has resulted in my mission being ended a few months early.. The details are unimportant, but just know that at the end of this transfer I'll be released as a missionary, and left to return to whatever I was doing. President Pingree said he will call ya'll in a few days to setup the details.. It is a great disappointment, I know, but it is what it is. I'm sorry.
For the next three weeks though, I'll continue writing letters and finish my mission off strong...
Hope ya'll have a great week. I love you guys...
p.s. don't forget what day it is. I'll see ya'll in 10 months.
p.p.s the picture was last specialized training. I just couldnt keep the chicas away from me. haha. just kidding. seriously. well kind of. not really. but actually no. they are the only missionaries from this zone that I know, so they are my only friends :)

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