Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 76 - Miracles Abound

It has been another incredible week in Texas. Mortimer and I have been doing work!
I'll get some pictures of us up next week, we have been having an incredible time.
This week we began teaching a man named tuck, who has single-handedly changed my understanding of the gospel. He is by far the most prepared investigator I have ever taught. Which is saying A LOT.
simply said, we contacted him through the street, and within the first three minutes of teaching him he was crying. All he could say was "I've been waiting for you for a long time".
The spirit has a way of changing us;  in a way that I don't fully understand of comprehend. But it is powerful. Even incredible.
I love my mission. and I wish I had more time, dedication, and umph to write longer and more detailed letters and recounts of my adventures on the mission, but I just simply do not. have it in me.
Just know that the Gospel is true. That miracles happen.
That Jesus Christ is our savior.
That God is our father and that he loves us.
That is my simple testimony.
So this P-day I did something kind of fun. We found an old first act guitar in the dumpster while we were taking out our trash, so I took it, cleaned it up, sanded it down, and painted it real nice. Next p-day I'll see if I can find some strings for it and see how it sounds!
Klein Oak and Spring Creek elders, before Elder Wilkes went home:

Have an incredible week. I love you all

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