Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 78 - Social Media

Hey everyone, I only have a few moments, but I just wanted to share a short video that have put up over the past couple months. It is incredible to see the changes that the church is making to adapt to the world around us. It is truly a testimony that this is the lords work.

God has the incredible planned for us and everyone out there, If we can but stand where he needs us to stand and do what he needs us to do.  
The church is true. The gospel is incredible
If you don't know it's true, find out.
If you already know, don't forget.
The moments we feel the spirit are precious gifts from our heavenly father. I think we have to treat them as such :) otherwise we might not get anymore.
God lives. Jesus is our savior.
This much I do know.
I'll see ya'll in a few short months. 6 In fact.   :(
Thank you so much for the letters/packages. It means a lot. I love you all!

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