Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 83 - A handful of baptisms, all of them miracles! OH OH and a Dorrito Burrito!

It's been another incredible week in paradise! I love it here!

So many miracles happened this week. I witnessed three families get united through the gospel this week! This place has been given a huge boost of missionary work in the past few weeks  :) Enjoy the pictures from the 3 baptisms! :)

The Vigils
The Ragsdales
and the Groenings.

Three families I will not ever forget!

Karlamarie and Gia

Ragsdale Family!

Vigil family. Holding the scriptures Kristina bought for them. Thank you so much! They were crying when they saw them!

Groening Family and Sean Short!

Look at the happiness you can see on all their faces. I wish you could have seen them before the gospel was able to touch their lives. The gospel is incredible. It changes the willing hearted. That I have witnessed this week, three times in a row. I love the mission. There is no where else I would rather be. I found where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing.

If you don't know it's true, find out.
If you already know, don't forget!

God lives. Jesus is the Christ. The church is true.

Have an incredible week!

Also, here are a few videos for your tasty enjoyment!

Karlamarie vigil singing for her baptism.

My delicious Dorrito Burrito.

Until next week!

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