Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 94 - Just prepping for Christmas

Let me just say, we've got an exciting couple weeks ahead of us. And ya'll are invited :
Sure hope you can make it! 

We as a zone are preparing a Christmas concert and devotional for the whole entire city of Katy. We are expecting alot of people, and it should be pretty incredible. Elder Whitney and I have been putting a lot of work in to preparing for this. 

We are planning to tell the story of the birth of christ from the viewpoint of the Bible and the viewpoint of the Book of Mormon, with lots of musical numbers in between. I'm super excited; and stressed too. Please pray for us!

The mission is incredible. I sure love you all.

I will be in Katy most likely for the rest of my mission, So feel free to write/send stuff here. Thank you for everything. You all mean the world to me. Sorry to not get much of a letter out, I've got so much stuff to plan for this devotional. Alot of it is on my shoulders.

Just know I love you! Have an incredible week!

The church is true. The book is Blue.
I'm a mormon and so if you're not you should be!

-Elder Leavitt

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