Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 88 - Charity. and Love Unfeigned

It's been another incredible week. I'm ceased to be amazed at the love Jesus offers me. But I love it.

I feel it most powerfully at times when I am given the chance to serve others. Nothing helps me understand the atonement than to act as a savior, even for just a moment to someone in need. It reminds me of the sacrifice made on my behalf, even though minute and uncomparable in size, feat, or significance. Through the service I have been able to give these past few months I have realized something.

Charity is the building block of love, and in vice versa, Love is the building block of charity. And like many principles of the gospel, the two qualities are intertwined so strongly to the point at which I truly believe they are in fact two sides of one coin.

Among many other things, charity is the dynamo behind missionary work. It is the driving force behind the "work and the glory" of god. And ultimately I believe it is the unlimited source upon which our savior drew the strength he needed to perform the atonement; of which I bare testimony of it's enabling power.

Charity is the fuel for miracles; for we know that miracles only happen, "after all that we can do", and of course, what would lead us to do "all that we can do", save charity alone?

"Charity is the greatest of all...and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."

Why?.. because it is the driving force behind every other aspect of the gospel.

I am yet to understand fully the entirety of the gospel.
I probably never even will come close to grasping the full divinity of the savior. The love of the father. The power of the Atonement.

But all is well. For this I have come to know:

All that I have is enough.
And I am truly lucky, for that is all I have to give.

God lives. Jesus is the christ.
Of this I bare witness.

Miracles DO happen

when we place our faith in the right place.

Hearts can truly change

As he lives, and even as I live.

I love you. Have an incredible week

-Elder Leavitt

p.s. Apologize for no pictures. I'll have another big post next week. Just know that all is well, and I miss you all. There will be many more letters as I prepare to come home over the next few months. Please though continue to pray for me. There are people down here that need your prayers, me included on that list as much as any of them :) Thank you!

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